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kinzua hills golf club


Men's Long--61.3


Men's Short--60.1



Women's Long--64.3


Women's Short--63.2


Kinzua Hills Golf Club

The Only USGA 6-Hole Golf Course West of the Mississippi


Kinzua Hills Golf Club features a 6-hole, 65-par course spanning 4,232 yards through the quiet Kinzua Hills area. With only six holes, golfers must go around three times for a full 18 holes, making it a truly unique course to play for both beginning and advanced golfers.


Non-members must sign the guest book and pay $1/hole plus a $5 trail fee by placing payment in a dropbox at the clubhouse. Golfers are welcome to bring their own golf carts or borrow a hand cart from the shed under the clubhouse.


Kinzua has a laid back playing atmosphere so there is no dress code and no tee time reservations. However, please be aware of and courteous to other golfers by keeping your pace of play reasonable. USGA rules govern all play unless modified by local rules posted in the clubhouse.


The course is normally open from the end of April to the beginning of October, depending on weather.














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